J. Pau, Jesús & Rock’n’Roll

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Documentary produced in co-production with the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA). Released on TV3’s program “Sense Ficció” (“Without Fiction”) on January 7, 2020. Leader of audience in its prime-time fragment. Directed by Santi Valldepérez.

Athens, one of so many European cities overwhelmed by the migratory flow of refugees from the wars in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Several NGOs are trying to channel the avalanche of demands from people outside the help system of European national institutions.

In the midst of this context, Joan Enric Reverté, President of the Provoking Peace Foundation, goes out of their way to provide comprehensive support to the most vulnerable refugees. The most people who approach John ignore the person behind him. A decade back, Joan was Father Jony, a Catholic priest who led a rock group and contributed one transformative and rupturist discourse that from the beginning was in the crosshairs of Orthodoxy.

The personal attacks and the difficulties in carrying out his project of social awareness led him to reconsider his life. After a traumatic process, Joan Enric looks in the mirror and embarks on a new life of service to the most vulnerable.

Following the humanitarian drama of the Idomeni refugee camp (2016), the Provocant Peace Foundation has put efforts into setting up and managing a reception center in central Athens, near the iconic Victoria Square, which shelters pregnant refugee women and single women in vulnerable situations. J. Pau, Jesús & rock’n’roll draws on the figure of Joan Enric Reverté, documents the traffic that led him to rethink his life path and analyzes what the musical phenomenon Father Jony meant.