Who are we?

FILMSNÒMADES are a production company where we love  to create worlds and learn to observe reality from multiple points of view. But above all, we are excited to learn from them constantly and work side by side with our clients to fulfill their goals.

We produce many numerous commercials, corporate communications pieces, fiction shorts, documentaries and informative reports.

Our professional relationship with the tourism sector led us to organize the first festival and congress dedicated to the tourism audiovisual in Spain, the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity.

Our productions have won several National and International Awards: Semana del Arte Contemporáneo de Mar del Plata, ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival, Memorimage, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

FILMSNÒMADES was founded by Santi Valldepérez and Guillermo Barberà in 2008. In 2016, the filmmaker and visual effects creator Jaume Moya joined the company’s shareholding structure. In 2018, the director and post-producer Rubén Molina and the programmer Jordi Ruiz were added.