Jaume Moya de Juan 1

Jaume Moya de Juan

Amposta, 1986.

Visual creator, filmmaker and teacher.

Partner of the audiovisual production company Filmsnòmades. He stands out as a filmmaker and director in VFX. Teacher at the ESARDI school of art and design, in Amposta.

Master in 3D and VFX postproduction at the FX Animation Barcelona 3D School (April 2015). Degree in Audiovisual Communication from Pompeu Fabra University (June 2011), complemented by film studies at FAMU (Film and Tv School of Academy of Performing Arts In Prague (Czech Republic – Prague). Technician in Audiovisual and Show Production by EMAV Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales, Barcelona. (June 2006).

He directed his first short film ‘Gotas de Agua’, 2010. Inspired by the events of the Battle of the Ebro in the Spanish Civil War. Assistant director of the documentaries J. Pau, Jesús & Rock’n’Roll (2019), and interactive documentary Buda, l’illa del Delta (www.filmsnomades.com/budafilm) both directed by Santi Valldepérez and Guillermo Barberà and co-produced with Televisió de Catalunya.