Desconnectats (Disconnected)

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The documentary follows the common thread of a conference by Germà Bel -at the Applied Economics at the University of Barcelona and a recognized expert in infrastructures- that took place at the Lo Pati Art Center in Amposta in 2016. Around his intervention are articulating the testimonies from experts and professionals that provide clarity to understand the current debate on the construction model of transport and communication infrastructures in Spain, and specifically the Mediterranean Corridor.

The other aspect discussed is the participation of Terres de l’Ebre in the debate about transport and communication infrastructures, a relevant participation if we take into account the shortcomings in the territory. The authors analyze the initiatives and governance formulas – in the Ebre and elsewhere – to address the resolution of territorial needs and establish a global agenda of proposals to be projected in the future.

Technical sheet (52 ‘):
Direction: Toni Royo
Production: Filmsnòmades
Graphics: Grupo ABS. Tyson Pérez, José Blanco y David Pérez.
Music: Àlvar Fortuny “Columna vertebral”

This documentary has the financial support of the Tarragona Provincial Council and the town councils of L’Aldea, Amposta, Deltebre and Sant Carles de la Ràpita, and 141 private donors who participated in the crowdfunding campaign (June 2016).