Buda, the island of the Delta (interactive project)

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Documentary co-produced with the Corporación Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals y Televisión Española on the island of Buda, at the end of the Ebro river. Directed by Santi Valldepérez (2013). Best Film Award at the Memorimage Festival (2013) and Best Foreign Documentary Award at the VII Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (WA, USA, 2014). Historical, sociological and observational approach to a space that, since the mid-twentieth century, recedes by the pressure of the sea and the effects of climate change.

Based on the research of the documentary, an interactive documentary of the same name was made, permanently available on the web filmsnomades.com/budafilm

Prize for the Best Journalistic Work of the Catalan Rural World Foundation (2017).

The documentary : https://vimeo.com/ondemand/buda

Buda, the island of the Delta (interactive project) 1