Beatriz Unzueta, the last basket maker in Bizkaia

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Video for the temporary exhibition hall of the Museu de la Palma on the occasion of the Vegetable fiber fair, held every year in August.

Chestnut basketry is the most distinctive expression of Basque basketry, according to a report prepared by a company that studies the intangible cultural heritage of the Basque Country, a type of crafts that has been known since the Neolithic period. Currently, in the Basque Country there is only one basketry that works with the traditional technique: Beatriz Unzueta, in Durango. With the title Woven wood. Beatriz Unzueta, the exhibition aims to bring the visitor closer to the universe of this artisan rooted in the landscape of her land, publicize the trade of weaving chestnut wood and show the objects that can be made, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

More info: Museu de la Pauma